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Calf Scramblers

So you want to Calf Scramble?

Participants must be be bonafide members of a Texas County 4-H Club or FFA Chapter.
Participants must have reached their 12th, but not their 18th birthday on January 1 and not be enrolled beyond their Junior year in high school.
Participants must be selected by their CEA or AST.
Participants may only be awarded one (1)  Calf Scramble Purchase Certificate per livestock show during his/her FFA or 4-H career.
Participants must be wanting and willing to purchase a Beef Heifer* to exhibit the following two years
Participants must weigh 100 pounds or more
Participants must be eligible, grade wise.
Participants must have parental support and involvement.

Available Scrambles:
Ft. Worth Livestock show and Rodeo-January
San Antonio Livestock Expo- February
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo- March


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